Eternity Springs Kennel Club for Emily March

We worked with author Emily March on promotional ideas for her Eternity Springs series. With her release Nightingale Way, we started the Eternity Springs Kennel Club.

Since dogs play such a big part in her books, we wanted to highlight them and invite readers to enter their dogs into the Club. They were able to upload a picture of their four legged friends, note a special date (birthday, adoption) and tell a little more about them. The photos were featured in the Eternity Springs Kennel Club gallery for all to see and each month, we sent out a calendar noting special Kennel Club member dates, along with special days pertaining to Emily’s books and holidays.

The interactive pdf was available for download on her site each month and includes hot spots with links to books, the website and purchase outlets.

Eternity Springs Kennel Club calendar for Emily March