A useful takeaway for readers

Bookmarks and cover flats are great take-away items for your readers, but how about something a little different?
The inspiration for this comes from my own “wish list” I have created as a life-long reader – and a reader who often forgets what books she has at home and titles she has read. I can’t tell you how many times I have been at the bookstore and wished I had a list of my favorite authors’ books readily available. There are many, many titles I have purchased more than once as a result.
Taking it a step further that just a book list, I added in a checklist so Karen Hawkins’ readers can mark off titles they have read and have a ready reference as to what they still need to purchase in each series or collection.
By printing it as a folded business card, readers can easily keep it in their purse or wallet, use it as a bookmark and refer to it to find out Karen’s contact information and social media addresses.

Karen Hawkins card